Angelica Ross


Born a Christian, rejected from the church and the military, Angelica Ross is a black trans woman who found refuge and her heart in Buddhism.  As a Buddhist, Angelica takes on love, courage, and compassion as a practice.  In Buddhism you practice for yourself as well as for the sake of others.  Angelica’s mission is to spread a message to all people, transgender and cisgender alike that their lives and the journey of their lives are uniquely sacred, and valuable.

To Miss Ross, the saddest thing in the world is someone never finding out how valuable and powerful they really are.

Miss Ross currently lives in Chicago, IL working with Chicago House and their new groundbreaking TransLife Center.  Angelica is the coordinator of the TransWorks program, an employment initiative geared towards the economic empowerment of transgender and gender non-conforming people.  As the Transworks Coordinator Angelica provides one on one career coaching, facilitates group workshops, a mentorship program and does job development to create relationships with employers who truly value diversity in the workplace.  Angelica works with transgender men and women of all ages and races in overcoming the challenges they face finding employment.  Some of these challenges are internal, some are external.  Angelica helps clients identify, and face those challenges head on.

Angelica Ross is also a very creative spirit, a singer/songwriter whose music and lyrics are centered around love, a photographer who is able to capture the beauty in all things, and a writer whose written and spoken words are meant to challenge, motivate, inspire.

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