Angelica Ross


At the intersections of gender, class, race, and religion, Angelica Ross has made a career out of helping others navigate the challenges that come along with being a member of more than one minority.  In February of 2013, Angelica joined the Trans Life Center project from Chicago House and Social Service Agency and developed an employment program specifically geared towards transgender and gender non conforming job seekers.  Angelica provided one on one career coaching, facilitated group job readiness and wellness workshops, and also trained Chicago corporate and government agencies to be culturally competent on trans issues in employment.  Over the span of 10+ years Angelica built a creative design business that began in the margins of society, outside the formal education system.  Angelica is now the Executive Director and CEO of TransTech Social Enterprise, a training academy and apprenticeship program that aims to empower, educate and employ the trans community through the use of technology while promoting innovation, independence and entrepreneurship.  Miss Ross also continues her work with the National Gay and Lesbian Task force as a faculty member for the national Trans Leadership Academy.

Angelica’s mission is to spread a message to all people, transgender and cisgender alike that their lives and the journey of their lives are uniquely sacred, and valuable.  To Miss Ross, the saddest thing in the world is someone never finding out how valuable and powerful they really are.

Angelica Ross is also a very creative spirit, a singer/songwriter whose music and lyrics are centered around love, a photographer who is able to capture the beauty in all things, and a writer whose written and spoken words are meant to challenge, motivate, inspire.

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