Arriving In L.A.

By on November 27, 2011

I stood at the bus stop on the corner with a 1 large, over-stuffed, black suitcase,  and 1 black semi soft guitar case.  I looked left, then right and even walked an uncomfortable distance from my bags to the corner to try and flag down a cab, but there were none in site.  It seemed perfect on the Craigslist ad.  The pictures were decent.  The environment was actually inside a tranquil garden like it had said.  The bonus was that it would be walking distance to my new job, if I got hired.  The attendant, Miranda, was a kind, beautiful Hispanic woman in her late 40’s.  I handed her $275 for the week and she walked me through the garden, through a corridor and through a double glass doorway on the other side.

“Wow, it really is beautiful in here.” I said as my nerves from leaving home, and taking this chance were starting to subside.  Miranda smiled back , “thank you, and you’ll find all the people staying here right now are very nice.  No problems.”  As Miranda stuck the key in the door, I began to get terrible feeling.  There was definitely a problem.  Standing in the doorway, staring at the small room, I was breathless.  Well I actually gasped, and was embarrassed for Miranda to hear it.  It was a boxy room with four walls, one of which had the doorway where I stood frozen.  Up against the wall on the right, a dresser with a tv on it.   On the wall to the left, a nightstand that seemed to be connected to both the back wall and the left wall. The upholstered headboard was teal with a once white oval in the middle and three initials embroidered on it, SML.  I wondered just how you could get coffee stains on a headboard, but quickly thought of several things that could be instead of coffee stains.

It wasn’t just the stains, or that the room was small that made me uncomfortable, but the combination of those things with the realization that there was no bathroom in the room.  Miranda broke the silence, “It’s really quiet here too.”  I said nothing, I just nodded my head up and down, and walked out of the room back into the hallway.  “The bathrooms are right here at the end of the hallway.  I followed her, still not speaking a word.  I didn’t know what to say.  I just thought to myself, “I guess I’ll have to go buy some shower shoes.”  There were four bathrooms that were shared between the 8 rooms on this side of the Inn.  The bathrooms were clean and looked like they had been kept that way.  The place really had a nice energy to it.  We walked back out to the front desk where my bags were and Miranda handed her the Keys.

Back in the room I sat down my bags and felt the tears trying to surface, but I wouldn’t let them.  I took one deep breath, and took out my cellphone.

“Hey beautiful, I was just thinking about you, how is everything, are you settled in?”  He asked in genuine concern.  He didn’t want me to go in the first place, but knew it was what was best for me and him.

“Ummm Yeah.  It just that, well… it’s very close to where I would be working, but the room is a little dingy and so is the upholstered headboard.  And…” I said in a slight whisper, “the bathrooms are shared.”   I didn’t want Miranda to over hear her and hurt her feelings.

“Go get your money back.  They’ll give it back to you.  And if they don’t tell them you saw a roach, anything, but you can’t stay there.”  I could always count on the Dr. to say what I’m already thinking, but just need to hear.

“I agree, let me call you back.”  I gathered my things and walked back out to the front desk.  “Is there a problem?” Miranda asked.

I explained to her that I felt uncomfortable and that the ad didn’t mention that the bathrooms were shared.  Miranda offered to show her another room.  I agreed to take a look, but the only difference was the bedspread was cleaner looking, the headboard was brass, but there was still no private bathroom.  I offered the woman 20 dollars for her time and troubles, but told the woman I could not stay.

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